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Who Can Play Paintball?

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Paintball is an age inclusive sport, both young and old can play and enjoy paintball. Men,
Women, Girls, and Boys can all play paintball. With that said, we do have to limit players to be 10 years old to play in our public games. Should you be younger that 10; we can host private parties for players as young as 8.¹ With our low impact paintball parties we have hosted parties for Grandfathers and Grandkids, parties of Co-Ed coworkers, all girls outings, school & church functions, and many more.

For those more experienced or adventurous; advanced paintball adds a little more of the
adventure to your party. Advanced paintballs have guns that shoot more rounds per second, with more mass per shot.²

¹ Low Impact Paintball Only
² We test and regulate the velocity of all pb markers, no worry that someone is going to be out gunning you.


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Your Party Package includes all the safety equipment for your party (Masks & Vests), 10 Rental Markers, Air Refills for the event, and 8 bags of 500ct paintballs (4000rds).

Paintball is like any other outdoor activity. We suggest that you wear long pants, and long sleeve shirts to protect your arms and knees. Specialty clothing is not necessary.

Feel free to bring snacks and drinks with you during the day, we ask that you do not bring glass or alcohol. We also suggest bringing a rag to clean up before heading home.

We have picnic tables set up all around the park. Most are covered or shaded.

We do not have food vendors on site, but restaurants deliver to the park. We do have a special pizza rate with Mattengas Pizza for patrons at the park.

Feel free to stay after your party to eat cake, open presents, or enjoy some fellowship.

We play in all weather conditions. The only time we really stop playing is due to lightning during inclement weather. We will start playing again once the weather clears up.

If you need to reschedule your party, please feel free to call us to get you rescheduled.

On your day of play, your deposit will be applied to your total balance with the remaining balance to be paid.

If you are planning on playing, we suggest that you fill out a waiver ahead of time to speed up your checking process. Please visit XFactor Waiver Page.

Once you have arrived, please check in at the waiver station to check in, and then head over to the cashier.

No, we do not fill CO2.

We refill High Pressure Air (HPA) air tanks. We can fill both 3000psi and 4500psi HPA tanks. Your tank must have a valid Hydrotesting certificate.

Yes, you can use your own paintball mask, it Must be ITSM certified for paintball. If you have any questions as to if you can use it, please ask our staff.

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